A+ IT Solutions Ltd is a consultant company  that possesses business analyst capabilities. We are specialists  within the IT industry and believe in incorporating the best IT solutions to meet each firm’s individual needs. What is appropriate for one company may not be suitable or cost-effective for another. Together with our team of experts we can assist you in determining and providing solutions that will be best for you!

The business analysis is performed by an expert analyst .Our policy requires that we perform a business analysis prior to engaging clients in consulting projects. Ethical business analysts are trained to discover problems, determine how to solve them and prioritize those that can provide the business owner a significant return on investment. Many business owners, as well as boards of directors, engage our analytical services for a checkups. During the exam, we evaluate all the components of the client’s business.


Our team comprises a number of individuals who are experts in their field and together develop customised IT solutions that are the most suitable and cost-effective for your specific organisation. Our business analysts and consultants are the most talented in the industry and will provide your company with a roadmap for profitability and overall success. A+ IT Solutions Ltd is only for those business owners who want to achieve excellence. Our business analysts and consultants will push you to become the best you can be. We refuse to accept anything less for you. That being said, you must be fully committed to success before we can commit to you. With your cooperation, we will steer you towards success and profitability.

Ensure the successful future of your digital product

In 99% of cases, product success is based on business analytics. The capabilities of analytics for business can strengthen your position on the market today and tell what the future has prepared for you. Market research, strategy development, brand identity and positioning, customer loyalty – all these things are never a problem for our clients.

First Contact

During our first call, we'll tell you more about our expertise, cases, methodology, etc., and you can give us more information on your project, needs, and background. We'll then develop a plan for our future collaboration, and our business development manager will become your Powercode engagement assistant.

Project Discussion & Setup

Our business development manager engages business analytics, development, and design teams to estimate your project and give professional recommendations in case of necessity. The business development manager will also help you with organizational issues, interviews, design and development team gathering, paperwork, etc.

Development Phase

During the active development stage, your single point of contact is our account manager, who will collaborate with you on all issues till the project is finished and delivered to you. Depending on the collaboration model you choose, you can either communicate with our engineers directly or delegate this to the project manager, who will ensure smooth communication.

Post-project Communication

We value all clients' feedback and always ask them to evaluate our performance and suggest improvements if needed. Our business development manager will forever remain open to you in case you want to start other projects or need assistance on the finished project.

Why Your Product Needs BA

Having the right specialists and tools, you won’t have uncertainties about your business. Business Analysis makes companies and startups forget about the lack of information, and it can give you even more information than you’d expect.

With our Business Analysis assistance, you will know your product’s strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, you will have the full picture of your main competitors, what they offer and don’t provide their clients, and use this information to your benefit. Knowing what the market offers and where it is heading empowers companies as they understand what they need to get and to do.